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By combining modern technology and dedicated service, ViaEurope has re-invented e-logistics and Customs clearance making Global e-commerce to Europe easy and hassle free.

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What we do

Europe's e-HUB

From our bonded e-HUB at Schiphol international airport we make sure your parcels, big and small are handled with care, swiftly processed, Customs cleared and delivered in no time to the fulfilment warehouses (FBA, Alibaba, etc) or your final customers across Europe. We partner with all major couriers, such as UPS, DPD, DHL, Hermes, Postal services, etc.

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At ViaEurope we believe that technology is the only answer to the millions of e-commerce parcels that are shipped every day around the world.

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True e-commerce

ViaEurope’s e-HUB only processes e-retailing shipments because e-Commerce logistics is our passion and we are good at it.

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Parcel clearance

Via Europe’s technology and automated back-end processes allow us to Customs clear individually thousands of parcels in a matter of seconds, avoiding retention risks and long delays.

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Track everything, isolate exceptions! From the moment your parcel has left origin, you can follow its journey and get notified in case of any exception.

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ViaEurope announces the opening of its new e-Hub in Liege

“Liege plays a key role in this strategy. Just like AMS, LGG managed to create a very e-commerce friendly climate. With BeGate, similar to the VENUE in The Netherlands (which stands for simplified declaration eCommerce), B2C parcels can be pre-cleared in bulk ensuring flowless processing. Also, the favorable fiscal climate make of the two hubs a great entry point for parcels coming from China and the US”.
— ViaEurope
September 2019

Our services

We create value through our core services

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In our e-HUB all parcels are scanned, weighed, measured and sorted automatically resulting in same day processing.

  • Airfreight
  • Seafreight
  • Trainfreight
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Customs clearance

Where many see Customs clearance and last mile delivery as a concern or risk, ViaEurope, as a tech driven start up sees it as an opportunity.

  • Individual Parcel Clearance
  • VENUE license
  • Direct link with Dutch Customs
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From our e-HUB we both deliver directly to the final destination and provide line-haul services to major (postal) couriers.

  • Last Mile Delivery
  • Line-haul Service
  • UPS, DHL, DPD and more…
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For B2B2C ViaEurope has special agreements with Dutch Customs to ensure compliant declarations and hassle free handling.

  • Amazon FBA
  • Alibaba
  • E-Bay, CDiscount and more…
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With the special e-Commerce clearance license (VENUE), ViaEurope can Customs clear your parcels in the air, ensuring fast processing at arrival.

  • Parcels above and below €22
  • Postal bags and bulk cartons
  • Special e-commerce clearance
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Situated in The Netherlands at Amsterdam airport

Amsterdam Schiphol airport is one of the most significant air cargo hubs in Europe and has excellent transportation infrastructure and a growing consumer-led Logistics sector.