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With our technology at the forefront and our sophisticated e-HUB to back it up, we offer you a complete cross border e-commerce logistics solution

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e-Hub Handling

ViaEurope’s bonded e-HUB is 100% dedicated to e-commerce. On site, our team processes tens of thousands of parcels every day. Our e-HUB is equipped with the most advanced sorting and scanning technology allowing us to get better results with less efforts.

Each week, over 170 trucks leave ViaEurope’s e-HUB loaded with parcels for UPS, DPD, DHL and other courier and postal partners.


ViaEurope’s e-HUB is located at the heart of Amsterdam Schipol International Airport for one reason: fast processing. To make sure major Ground Handlers give your shipments top priority, we even created a dedicated e-commerce lane through special agreements with most of them.


The Port of Rotterdam, the largest in Europe, is only one hour from our e-HUB by road. Driven by maximal efficiency, together with our local partners, we can transfer your containers directly from the harbor to our e-HUB. Synchronization and coordination provided by our warehouse robotics facilitate unloading your (loose loaded) containers in just a few hours and sort them out to different (FBA) locations in Europe.


The success of the Silk Road connection translates today into several trains from Yiwu and Chengdu, arriving each week in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Tilburg (South Netherlands). From any of these three cargo train locations, ViaEurope’s ground teams can pick-up your containers, transfer, unload and sort them out at our e-HUB in no time.

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Customs Clearance

Where many see Customs clearance and last mile delivery as a concern or a risk, ViaEurope, as a tech driven start-up sees them as an opportunity. By taking control over the whole process through direct IT integration with Dutch Customs, we avoid intermediaries. Also, securing our own Customs permits drives costs lower and guarantees full transparency.


ViaEurope takes compliancy very seriously and we expect the same commitment from our partners. Thanks to our qualitative analysis of big data, our sophisticated verification tools and through a collaborative approach, we can take our Trusted e-commerce lane to the next level.

Individual Parcel Clearance

Unlike traditional companies, who Customs clear each shipment, ViaEurope’s technology clears and handles each individual parcel, avoiding retention risks and long delays. Thanks to our automated processes we are able to achieve this at no extra cost.

e-Commerce Clearance

ViaEurope is integrated with all the key Customs systems in The Netherlands (DMS, Deco, Venue), Belgium (IDMS, PLDA), Hungary (EKAER) and Germany (Atlas and Inpost).

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Adapting to an ever-changing e-retailing ecosystem, ViaEurope has become extremely agile in dealing with Fulfilment By Amazon (FBA) shipments or stock movements. The same way we effortlessly move FBA parcels that are coming and going, we deliver to other marketplaces across Europe, from eBay to Alibaba, CDiscount and others. To make sure your products are declared according to EU regulations, ViaEurope secured special clearance agreements with the Dutch Customs.

  • UPS preferred partner
  • Special Customs agreement for clearance
  • VAT Deferment possible

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At ViaEurope, all your (B2C) parcels are customs cleared to offer your final European customers the most seamless and hassle-free experience. Unpleasant duties/taxes and hefty administration fees often asked to be paid at their doorstep are simply taken out of the equation. That’s what we call a customer-friendly experience.

  • DDP Service
  • Special e-Commerce clearance (VENUE)
  • Dedicated line-haul connections
  • All major EU couriers connected

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Last Mile Delivery

ViaEurope has developed creative technical solutions, based on automation and robotics, that make our e-HUB pretty intelligent. Our embarked innovative tools allow us to scan and sort out all parcels per country and even per courier. Properly re-labelled, parcels are then trucked directly to the courier in the country of destination. This means that a parcel landing at Schipol Airport in the morning, can be delivered to DHL Germany the same night.

  • UPS preferred partner
  • Dedicated trucking to major EU couriers
  • All major EU couriers connected

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Fiscal Representation

VAT Deferment